Thursday, July 23, 2009

Outside (By Kirsten)

Hi! It's me, Kirsten again. Yesterday I told you that I made a lemonade stand with Molly.I was thinking of spending my money on chalk,and a kite.Well...I had enough money to by both! First,with the chalk I played hopscotch with my friend Felicity.Then I flew my kite.I'm glad it did'n't get stuck in a tree. I wonder how Molly is feeling.She said that tomorow she was going to teach her dog tricks.I thought tomorow she said she was going sunbathing.......Who knows! Molly can sure change her mind quickly!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Spending My Summer (By Kirsten)

Today, me and my friend Molly made a lemonade stand. Marisol and Nikki loved the fresh drink on such a hot summer. We made five dollars! I got $2.50 when we split the money between us. I wonder what I should do with it all. Maybe I could use the money to buy a kite, or some new chalk for playing hopscotch. Molly plans to spend hers on treats for her basset hound. Personally, I think that's a silly idea to spend money on something that gets used up. And besides, who ever heard of treats costing that much! Maybe she wants to buy the special kind, flavored like chicken. Ewww... But it makes no difference to me. Oh... Don't tell Molly I said that.