Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Big Box! (By Kaya)

Hello, Kaya here! The other girls and I are very sorry that we haven't posted lately. And by lately, I mean since last summer!!! I guess this could be accounted to us starting a new, harder grade in school, but trust me, no schoolwork is funner then making a post for you ;) Anyways, enough about school. I'm here to tell you about the big box that just arrived. You see, in my family, there's a shared teepee that gets passed down from generation to generation to remind us of our heritage. But, I didn't know this yet. So, I was quite surprised when a huge box arrived at our doorstep today! It was addressed to Kaya'aton'my from her grandparents Kalutsa and Aalah. Since all the rest of the girls had gone out shopping for new pants, only Rebecca, Kit, and I were in the house. And honestly, you could say that we were all in our "Saturday Worst" as opposed to our "Sunday Best"! None of us had brushed our hair... especially Kit. And we were all wearing our matching white sweaters that we got for the holidays. So you can imagine how hard it was to lift the giant, heavy box into the living room. We got some scissors out and cut off the tape! Then, Rebecca laid down on all fours, and Kit stood on her back, and they lifted up the top of the box and carefully picked up the teepee from the box. I decoded the language my grandparents had written on a note on the bottom of the box, and it read,

Dear Kaya'aton'my, 
Your grandmother and I have sent you this teepee to pass down to you generations in culture of the Nimiipuu tribe your heritage comes from. I've sent instructions on how to set it up and I ask you to show me a picture of the teepee and you. Hopefully, this family heirloom will remind you of the many generations of your heritage, and one day, you will be passing this down to your grandchildren! With dearest love, 

Kalutsa and Aalah, your loving grandparents. 

P. S - We hope you still have the furs we gave you on your second birthday!!

It was really nice of my grandparents, so after we set up the teepee in the living room, I got my furs out of the ancient trunk and placed them carefully in the teepee. And we all took turns resting in the teepee, next to the warm fire :)

Hello everybody! We have new Chat With The Dolls times for you today! If you are new to the site, I will remind you that chat with the dolls is a fun filled experience where if you come on to AG Gossip Doll Blog at the times listed below, you can have a live chat with all of the AG Gossip dolls! Remember to read and follow the AG Gossip chat box rules located in the right hand sidebar. We love being able to chat with our biggest fans! So make sure to show up at these times next week. And also remember that chat with the dolls is a guaranteed time to chat with us, but if you are lucky, you may catch one of us dolls on the chat box at any time! So write down the chat with the dolls times below, and we look forward to meeting our fans!

Chat With The Dolls Times:

Saturday, March 3, 1:00pm - 1:30pm, Eastern Time

Sunday, March 4, 4:00pm-4:30pm, Eastern Time

*If you live in a different time zone, ask your parents to help you figure out what these times would be in your time zone*

Show up to as many as you want! And remember to check back for more chat with the dolls times soon!