Friday, October 29, 2010

An AG Gossip Halloween! (by Angela)

Halloween is getting closer and closer, and all of us here at AG Gossip are getting ready. We all have special jobs to get ready for this sweet and spooky holiday. Kit, Samantha, and Julie are the house decorating committee. They are going to jazz up the outside of the house to make sure we get lots of visits from trick-or-treaters! Kit has already pulled out her recipe for fake blood, and wants to have the scariest block on the house. On the other hand, Samantha wants to have happy jack-o-lanterns and friendly ghosts. I'm sure Julie will figure out some sort of compromise! Carely, Kaya, and Kirsten are in charge of making and purchasing treats and goodies. Carely is baking sugar cookies and frosting them to look like pumpkins, witch hats and, candy corn. Kirsten is being crafty and making adorable lollipop ghosts. And Kaya is buying truck loads of candy for hungry trick-or-treaters. Hopefully, we'll still have candy left by Halloween! Molly and Kit are turning bags of candy into piles of wrappers faster than you can say "jack-o-lantern"! Speaking of jack-o-lanterns, Jessica and Chrissa are busy carving pumpkins. They are certainly very messy and covered in pumpkin guts! Ewww! And what would Halloween be without costumes? Rebecca and Marisol are sewing many of our costumes for trick-or-treating. They have their hands full measuring us, snipping fabric, and sewing, sewing, sewing! Josefina, Nicki, Molly, and Felicity are planning a Spooktacular Halloween Party. They are busy planning all of the games, decorations, snacks, and are sending out invitations. Molly is complaining that her tongue is numb from licking so many envelopes. I am photographing the activities and supervising the whole operation. We're making sure that this Halloween is going to be fabulous! Uh oh, Josefina just found one of Kit's rubber spiders in her hair! Gotta go! Bye!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Felicity's Big Break (by Nicki)

As many of you may know, I love to ride horses. The other day, I was riding Kirsten's horse, Blackie, with Felicity. She was riding her horse, Penny. Felicity challenged me to a race. We agreed on a distant tree to serve as our finish line. Felicity slowly announced, "On your mark........get set-GO!" Oh Felicity! She finished her sentence so quickly, that I wasn't ready. By the time I started, Penny already had a large lead. I focused on the finish line getting closer and closer. All of a sudden, I heard a scream and a loud thud. I pulled on the reigns and brought Blackie to an abrupt stop. Felicity was on the ground and Penny was galloping away towards the stables. I could tell Felicity was in pain. In a few minutes, Felicity was rushed to the hospital. I started to ride back to the stables to check on Penny, when something caught my eye. I dismounted Blackie to get a closer look. I saw one of Penny's hoof prints in the sand. When I looked again I saw that it was actually in a ant pile with loads of fire ants scurrying around! Penny must have got bit by fire ants and threw Felicity off of her back during the race! I went back to the stables to make sure Penny was okay. After what seemed liked years of worrying, Felicity returned. I visited her in her room. She was sitting up in bed with one foot propped up on a pillow with a purple cast on it.  She energetically told me that she had broken her leg and then showed me her x-ray. I was the first one to sign her cast! I visited her everyday, sometimes with flowers or other small gifts. Her bedside table soon began to fill with get-well cards, gifts and goodies. Kaya even baked her special peanut butter cookies. Felicity loves to tell us the story about her fall and trip to the hospital. She is so excited about getting to use crutches! Even though she is stuck with a cast, crutches, and a broken leg, Felicity is still happy as ever! Felicity already told me the first thing she's gonna do when she gets her cast off. "Get ready to be beat,cause we're gonna finish that race!"

Friday, October 8, 2010

Picture Day (By Chrissa)

Ahh!!! Today I woke up to the sound of a high pitched scream. I ran to towards the sound, which seemed to be coming from Molly and Marisol's room. I opened the door and found Marisol in front of a mirror with a brush in her hand and a look of terror on her face. It didn't take me long to find out why she was panicking. Her hair looked like one of the hairballs that Kirsten's cat spits out. I couldn't help myself from giggling. "This isn't funny!" screeched Marisol, "My hair needs to look perfect for picture day!" I dove under her bed and grabbed her emergency Snazz Salon Hair Kit. Marisol instructed me to hand her different hair products, and within 10 minutes her hair looked fabulous! Then, we had to rush to school. We made it into our seats just as the bell rang. Moments before the photographer snapped a picture of me, I realized that I had spent so much time doing Marisol's hair that I didn't have time to brush mine! Whoops! Here is Marisol's lovely picture and my not-so-lovely picture! 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Working at the Cafe (By Felicity)

Today was my first day on the job, working as a waitress at the AG Gossip Cafe! I woke up early and arrived at work. Soon, my first customers walked in: Chrissa and Kirsten. Chrissa ordered Chicken Delight with peas, and corn. Kirsten ordered Sloppity Soup Pies.First, I started on Chrissa's order. I went into the huge kitchen and grabbed a plate. I began to fill the plate with a cob of corn and a piece of chicken. Then, I found the large pot of peas. I balanced the plate in one hand and scooped up a big spoonful of peas with the other hand. All of a sudden, I heard Marisol belt a high note in her operatic alphabet. Startled, I turned around and accidentally knocked over the pot! A sea of small, green peas rolled all over the kitchen floor. Just then, Kaya walked into the kitchen and before I could warn her, she slipped on the peas and landed in a squishy, green mess. Kaya helped me clean up all of the peas. I got a spoonful of what was left of the peas and put it on Chrissa's plate. Now I could start on Kirsten's order: Sloppity Soup Pies. Hmm, I had never seen that on the menu before. So I did the best I could. I grabbed two mini pie crusts and sloppily ladled soup into them. They certainly fit their name! I made my way to Chrissa and Kirsten's table and presented the girls with their meals. Kirsten looked very confused. "What's this?" she asked. "It's your Sloppity Soup Pies," I replied. Kirsten burst out laughing. She said "I ordered Spaghetti Surprise!" I felt so stupid! I rushed back to the kitchen and made her a heaping plate of spaghetti with a spoonful of Chef Carely's Special Spaghetti Sauce. I came back and gave Kirsten her meal. Kirsten and Chrissa said that they had a very fun visit to the AG Gossip Cafe. Even though my first day wasn't so great, I am sure I will do better tomorrow!