Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mysterious Movers! (By Molly)

Today on New Years Eve, Marisol decided to go outside and try out her new hopscotch set. The rest of us joined her... Except Samantha. She was too busy on her new roller skates. (She wasn't really good!) Then we heard a rumbling noise across the street. Samantha fell down on her skates, and we all looked across the street. There were several moving trucks pulling into the old house across the street! Kit was the first to take action. As soon as they pulled in, she started running across. Normally, we would have yelled for her to come back, but we were all dazed in the moment. I saw her saying something to the mover, but with the people unloading things into the house, it was hard to hear. Well anyways, she came back with a dazed look. She had found out nothing. But we all wanted to know... Who were they? Where did they come from? Why were they here? I guess we just have to wait and find out ourselves...

Monday, December 28, 2009

Sno Much Fun! (By Angela)

Wow! Today is such a wonderful wintery day outside! A light snow fell last night, so there is a white, shimmery blanket on everything you can see. It almost looks like a different backyard now that is is so snowy out! But the snow is not just happening outside the house, but inside as well! Molly and Felicety are busy making paper snowflakes, and are taping them everywhere! They are even teaching us all how to make them, how fun! Yeah, I kinda admit that we are all a little sad that Christmas is over, because it was so much fun, but we have an exciting New Years to look forward to. Besides playing in the snow, we have all started to think about making New Years resolutions. One of ours is to write in the blog more, because this summer we were having too much fun to remember all the time. Kit's resolution is to bring her cups to the kitchen after she's done with them, and I need to think of mine... Hey if you have any ideas about my new years resolution, please tell me, because I need to figure it out! Also, this January is a very special event that we are all very excited about: AG Gossip's one year birthday! Come back to AG Gossip Doll Blog the first week of January to celebrate with us! Well, gotta go make some snowflakes! See Ya!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas! (By Molly)

Merry Christmas to all! When we woke up this morning, we all ran to our stockings. Yes! Santa had come! We all got a magazine, an orange, some americangirl trading cards, and a lot of candy!!! (Kit was excited about that!) We all pretty much got everything on our wishlist, except for Kit. We also got something that we have always dreamed about, but never imagined that we could really get. A gift for our blog! You know how our web adress is

Our new site url is
So write that down, because it's much easier to remember! But don't worry, because our old adress will still bring you here. Well, we had an excelent Christmas! The only one not happy was Kit, because she didn't get the nosehair clipper she asked for!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve!! (By Carely)

Hi! It's Carely. I'm sooo excited! Tonight is Christmas Eve! I'm very busy cooking, because we have many guests over tonight. We're having a Christmas Eve party! Also, Kit is out shopping. She really did wait to the last munite to get things done! But other than that, we're all very cozy by the fireplace as the chilly weather blows outside. After watching Roudoph the red nosed reindeer and Frosty the Snowman, we all made a gingerbread house! Then, everyone got hungry for some cookies, and we made some together. (Too bad Kit missed it all while she was out shopping!) We all can't wait for Christmas!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Our Christmas Wish Lists!

Samantha's Wish List
  • Roller Skates
  • Teddy Bear
  • Some Play Clothes
  • Americangirl Gift Card
  • Ticket to the Zoo
Marisol's Wish List
  • Some Scarves
  • A Cool Winter Floppy Hat
  • Paintbrush and Paint
  • An Easal for painting
Molly's Wish List
  • Tap Shoes
  • Ticket to a broadway show
  • A new pair of glasses
  • A yoyo
  • Some treats for Benett
Carely's Wish List
  • Spatula
  • A Winter Mug
  • A new set of pots
  • Striped Socks
  • Flower Pressing Kit
Josefina's Wish List
  • New Shoes
  • Make your own perfume set
  • Dress up kit
  • Cool Bracelet
  • Treats for Sombrita
Kirsten's Wish List
  • Colorful Ribbon
  • New Chalk for Hopscotch
  • Good shoes for tree climbing
  • Paint by numbers set
Felicety's Wish List
  • New horse riding outfit
  • A Wallet
  • Colorful Curtains
  • Sports outfit
  • Yarn for knitting
Kit's Wish List
  • $50.00 McDonalds Gift Card
  • A Banjo
  • Hula Hoops
  • Nail Filer
  • Trophy display case
  • Cell phone
  • Apple Computer
  • A set of colorful sharpie markers
  • King Tut costume
  • Digital video camera
  • Plasma Flatscreen TV
  • Singing toilet seat
  • Airline pretzel bags
  • Webkinz
  • iTunes gift card
  • $70.00 gift certifigate for Granny's Panties
  • Porcelain Shoe
  • 60 pennies
  • Clown wrapping paper
  • Star Wars lego set
  • iPod Touch
  • Sally's Salon computer game
  • Teacup pajamas
  • A Saxophone
  • 3 pairs of scissors
  • Rubber Sheets
  • Americangirl Trading Cards
  • Ballroom gown
  • Historical Typpewriter
  • Bows and ribbons for my buildabears
  • An old airvent
  • Lettuce Head Shoes
  • A pool
  • Unlimeted Disney World passes
  • Lunch with Cinderella
  • Queen Elezabeth 1 underwear
  • Squidfather notecards
  • Buildabear gift certifagate
  • Nosehair clipper
(It goes on for 13 more pages, but we didn't have enough room to put it all here!)

Kaya's Wish List
  • Gardening Gloves
  • A new saddle for Steps High
  • Alarm Clock
  • Buterfly net
Angela's Wish List
  • Robin Hood book
  • Bathing suit
  • Sunglasses
  • High School Musical 2
Nikki's Wish List
  • Snow boots
  • Jump rope
  • Americangirl Magazine subscription
  • A new tee
So, here are what the AG Gossip dolls want for Christmas. Tell us what you want!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

5 Days! (By Josefina)

Guess what!!!! Christmas in only in 5 days!!! I'm sooooo excited about all of the excitement it will bring! Well things are pretty funny around the house. Kit of course, is a must see. Kit is writing her tenth wish list as I speak. She says she just keeps forgetting to put things on. (But of course I don't believe that!!!) Carely is busy making cookies, and Kaya is making hot chocklate. They would have liked to have a helper, but of course Kit was too busy doing something!!!! Marisol is having a snowball fight with Samantha, and of course after she's done with her millionth wish list she will join. Felicety is wrapping presents, and she's had to move rooms twice because of a hidden spy-cam found! (We all know Kit can't wait!) Angela and I are busy taking down Kit's spy-cams, which are in every single room. Whenever she sees us remove one, she always yells "Aw... Man!" and continues to write. Well, I have to go now, because Molly has just came in the house with our decorations for Christmas, and It's my job to get everyone together so we can decorate. Bye!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Celebrating Hanukkah! (By Kit)

Hi everybody! Ya know, I loooove Christmas so much, but my favorite winter holiday is Hannukah! Today is the first night, and we are all gathered around the table to celebrate Hannukah! It starts at Sundown, and continues for eight whole nights! We give presents (yay!), sing songs, do festive dances, play dreidel, and light the menorah. In my hand is a menorah. Every night of Hanukkah, you light a different candle on the menorah. Because it is the first night, we are going to light the first candle tonight! Then, we will say the hanukkah prayer, and open gifts!  Every night of Hanukkah is just better than the first! Well, gotta go. It's time to celebrate the first night of Hanukkah!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Chat With The Dolls Times! (By Kit)

Hi! It's me, Kit and guess what? Our first chat with the dolls last week was such a success, and we've decided to have another one! We love being able to chat with our biggest fans! So make sure to show up at this time next saturday!

Chat With The Dolls:

Saturday the 12, 2009 at 4:00 P.M. Eastern Time

Also, we have something new and exciting for you! It is the AG Gossip News email group!!! Ask your parents if it is okay, then type in your email adress into the box to the right, and simple as that, you are signed up! If you sign up, you will get to know when cool things like Chat With The Dolls times before anyone else does! To read more about AG Gossip News, look below.

AG Gossip news is the group for AG Gossip fans.

It includes special articles, exclusive sneak peeks, reminders about
special events such as chat with the dolls, and an update on the
latest, and greatest AG Gossip News!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's December! (by molly)

I can't wait for the holidays to start! It's already December so I won't have to wait that long.Kit won't even wait.This weekend she insists on putting up the decorations.Samantha insists on going caroling.Carely insists on making cookies.The only thing I am starting on are my letters to santa,wishlists,and presents.Kit won't make presents she only likes to receive them.We all do!For the holidays I want some new shorts,the book called Alice in Wonderland,And a new winter scarf and holiday tunes CD. Kaya is crazy about getting a potted plant for her window.That sounds more like a summer wish.Well.gotta go wrap some presents!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Introducing.... Chat With The Dolls! (By Kit)

Hi! It's Kit here, and I have a special something for all of you fans. If any of you have noticed, we have installed a new chat box on our blog! We love you guys so much, and we have been able to talk to you, but now you can talk to us! Next Saturday December the 5, at 3:00 PM Eastern Time, you can go to our blog, and chat with me! Yes, this is a great oppertunity. Hey, you might turn out to be my best friend! If you don't make this time, don't worry, because we will have other chat times with other AG Gossip dolls. And maybe if you're lucky, one of us dolls will feel like chatting, and you might catch a conversation. But for a guarunteed time with me, mark it on your calendars that next Saturday you can chat with me!

Now Chatting is really fun, but there are some rules involved. Here are the AG GOSSIP rules! Please read them before chatting with me or other fans.

Always ask a parent before chatting

Go have fun! Meet someone new today!

Give out only your first name or a nickname. NO LAST NAMES!

Only use appropriate words and language, and be kind to everyone.

Stay open to other's opinions and hobbies, don't be critical.

Saying bad words, threating, or not following the AG GOSSIP rules will cause chat to be banned forever.

Information that is personal such as last names, adresses, or phone numbers is never shared on chat.

Please think before you chat. Once you click enter, your message cannot be taken back.

Follow the AG GOSSIP rules and have fun chatting!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Holidays Are Here!! (By Angela)

I'm soooo excited! The holidays are finally here! After a wonderful thanksgiving in Louisiana, we're back home. I can't wait to begin decorating! Right before bedtime, I looked out the windowsill, and found the North Star. It is the brightest star in the sky. I marveled in the extreme wonder, and beauty of it all. The star was shining so bright, almost as if it was wishing me a happy holidays. And as I listened to Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas and tucked myself into my cozy bed, I knew from the start that this holiday season would be just like the North Star:  The brightest and best of all.

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! (By Angela)

Hi, it's Angela here, and I want to tell you about our yummiest, tastiest, best Thanksgiving ever! We all went down to Louisiana to see our grandparents for Thanksgiving, and the plane ride was really the funniest sight ever! Molly had to sit next to Kit on the way, and a couple hours in to the flight, she started to get really bored and impatiant. When the flight attendant handed out the little bags of peanuts, Kit opened hers, and started a food fight! Soon, even the attendents were throwning food along with all the giggling passengers. Boy, that was a plane ride I'll never forget! Well, when we got to Gram and Gramp's house we all put out our sleeping bags, and watched funny movies in our pajamas like we usually do. And on thanksgiving morning, we had pancakes shaped like turkeys! When dinner rolled along, it was the most wonderful fest ever! Gram cooked up cranberry sauce, green bean cassarole, corn, and a yummy turkey. After dinner, we all acted out thanksgiving scenes. (Kit kept messing up the stories!) Then we all sat down our sleeping bags, and went to sleep with full stomachs.

I have to say that I am very thankful for my wonderful thanksgiving.
Hey, what are you thankful for?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I Got to Judge! (By Kaya)

Guess What Everyone? I got to judge a Fall Art Contest! Everyone who entered just looooooves AG Gossip. So seeing me there, they got sooo excited that they let me pick 2 awards! I thought it through very hard, and it took me a long time to pick the winners because they were all so good! Finally, I ended up picking two wonderful pictures that I'm sure you'll love. I posted them here!

In Mexico Reading
Category: Photography
By: A. 

A Lot Happier In Our Friendship
Category: Objects
By: C.

So, do you like the pictures as much as I do? I thought they were very creative. Which one's your favorite?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Jumping Through Fall (By Kit)

Hi! This is me, Kit! So...... I'm kinda sad that halloween is over. I really, really love candy. But Carely reminded me that Fall isn't over yet. So I decided to take action! When I got home from school, I raked all of the leaves into the front yard into a big, neat pile. Right before I did anything else, Angela strolled out the door to get the mail, and she noticed the pile. I thought I was going to get scolded, but can you believe it? She smiled, and said "Why Kit, you've been some help keeping our yard in shape! I was trying really hard to hold back a smile, but I managed to say a proud "Glad to help!" But the moment she shut the door, I couldn't resist. Cannonball! I yelled, jumping straight into the pile, making the yard even more a mess. When I skipped back inside, Angela asked how the pile of leaves that I raked got all tossled. But I simply grinned and whispered," Oh, it was all the wind!" She let me off, but knowing me, she knew how the leaves really got like that... Well, even though Halloween is over, fall sure in a fun season to jump into! What's your favorite Fall activity?

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our Best Halloween Ever! (By: Josefina)

Hi, it's me Josefina! We just came back from a long night of trick or treating, and all of us agreed that it was the best halloween Ever! When we got home though, kit made a frowny face. She was not happy that trick or treating was over! It really was the greatest. One house gave us two Hersheys MegaBars Each! Kit smile was bigger than both of her choclate bars combined! Another house gave out tootsie pops, and Samantha sucked on it soooooooo hard, it attatched to her cheeks! (Although, at the sight of the tootsie pops, Kit frowned, for it was the only kind of candy that she doesn't like!) When Kit got to our our neighbor's house, she chanted the rhyme: Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet, Give Me Something good to eat! She actually forced Mrs. Greens to smell her feet! Crazy Kit! Well... Speaking of Tricks, the prankster boy Johnny Rickheada opened the door, and screamed so loud, we dropped all our candy! (Thankfully, they were all in wrappers, so we just had to pick them up!) And when we got home, we were still shaking from the fright. well... needless to say, we all had an excellent Halloween!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween is Tommorow! (By Samantha)

Hi. It's me, Samantha! I can't wait for Halloween! Kit though, will blow her top if Halloween doesn't come soon. She needs to learn to be patient... Today, me and my friends got into our costumes for a pre-halloween party. We all can't wait for trick or treating, getting in costume, feeling the chilly fall air, and of course (Kit's favorite) getting candy! We went outside a lot, and took some spooky photos. Here's some for you to see:

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kit's Halloween Disaster (By Kirsten)

Hi, It's Nikki. All of us dolls are soooooooo excited about Halloween coming up! We're all trying to decide what we want to be. Molly's going to be a movie star, and I'm going to be a pony. Kirsten's going to be an astronaut, and Samantha's going to be a television. Angela decided to be a banana! But we were all shocked when Kit announced her costume. She is going to be Santa Claus! How crazy! Why, of all the costumes in the world does she decide on being a Christmas guy. Well that's what we all told her. And I admit we all might have been a little rough on her, because then she burst into her room sobbing, "Nobody likes my costume." A couple minutes later, Kit came out with a smile on her face. "You guys gave me an idea!" she said. My costume is going to be a Halloween Disaster! She was wearing the santa top, and a ghost hat. Kit had a fake bat and a spiderweb clipped to her shoulder. We all chuckled. It was a good, and original costume. Kit really is a Halloween disaster. We all can't wait until Halloween!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Use your summer break wisely (unlike I did)

What! Summer break is over in a week? Didn't it start yesterday? I haven't even completed "Molly's summer break list" Maybe I should have listened to Samantha when she said to spend my summer wisely.Maybe I shouldn't have sunbathed practicaly every day.Maybe, I'll at least spend this week wisely.I know! I'll invite Josephina and Carely over to play this week! Nah, I'll just sunbathe.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Starting All over Again (By Marisol)

Hi, I'm Marisol. I work for the AG Gossip Snazz Salon. I also work for the AG Gossip cafe. Sometimes I help with photo shoots for AG Gossip behind the scenes. I'm a pretty buisy girl, but I still find time for fun summer activities. Today, I'm going to tell you about my life as a hairdresser. First, I wake up, get ready, and head on over to the Snazz Salon. When I got there, Felicety and Nikki were waiting there for me. Felicety defenitely thought it was time for a change, but Nikki just wanted a touchup. Nothing much. First, I sat them down in comfortable seats, gave them some of their favorite magazines, and served them some coffee, and cinnamon buns. Next, I washed off Nikki's hair, and waited for it to curl up again. While I waited, I put Felicety's hair up in pin curls, something that Felicety wanted to try after seeing Kit! I decided to then blowdry Nikki's hair. I then gave her a cutesy barette, and off she went to have breakfast at the AG Gossip cafe. Too bad I wasn't there to entertain her! I still had Felicety's hair to finish. I took out the pincurls, and Felicety didn't know what to think! And then two more customers walked in. I do not want to start all over again!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Outside (By Kirsten)

Hi! It's me, Kirsten again. Yesterday I told you that I made a lemonade stand with Molly.I was thinking of spending my money on chalk,and a kite.Well...I had enough money to by both! First,with the chalk I played hopscotch with my friend Felicity.Then I flew my kite.I'm glad it did'n't get stuck in a tree. I wonder how Molly is feeling.She said that tomorow she was going to teach her dog tricks.I thought tomorow she said she was going sunbathing.......Who knows! Molly can sure change her mind quickly!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Spending My Summer (By Kirsten)

Today, me and my friend Molly made a lemonade stand. Marisol and Nikki loved the fresh drink on such a hot summer. We made five dollars! I got $2.50 when we split the money between us. I wonder what I should do with it all. Maybe I could use the money to buy a kite, or some new chalk for playing hopscotch. Molly plans to spend hers on treats for her basset hound. Personally, I think that's a silly idea to spend money on something that gets used up. And besides, who ever heard of treats costing that much! Maybe she wants to buy the special kind, flavored like chicken. Ewww... But it makes no difference to me. Oh... Don't tell Molly I said that.