Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas! (By Molly)

Merry Christmas to all! When we woke up this morning, we all ran to our stockings. Yes! Santa had come! We all got a magazine, an orange, some americangirl trading cards, and a lot of candy!!! (Kit was excited about that!) We all pretty much got everything on our wishlist, except for Kit. We also got something that we have always dreamed about, but never imagined that we could really get. A gift for our blog! You know how our web adress is

Our new site url is
So write that down, because it's much easier to remember! But don't worry, because our old adress will still bring you here. Well, we had an excelent Christmas! The only one not happy was Kit, because she didn't get the nosehair clipper she asked for!!

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