Monday, December 28, 2009

Sno Much Fun! (By Angela)

Wow! Today is such a wonderful wintery day outside! A light snow fell last night, so there is a white, shimmery blanket on everything you can see. It almost looks like a different backyard now that is is so snowy out! But the snow is not just happening outside the house, but inside as well! Molly and Felicety are busy making paper snowflakes, and are taping them everywhere! They are even teaching us all how to make them, how fun! Yeah, I kinda admit that we are all a little sad that Christmas is over, because it was so much fun, but we have an exciting New Years to look forward to. Besides playing in the snow, we have all started to think about making New Years resolutions. One of ours is to write in the blog more, because this summer we were having too much fun to remember all the time. Kit's resolution is to bring her cups to the kitchen after she's done with them, and I need to think of mine... Hey if you have any ideas about my new years resolution, please tell me, because I need to figure it out! Also, this January is a very special event that we are all very excited about: AG Gossip's one year birthday! Come back to AG Gossip Doll Blog the first week of January to celebrate with us! Well, gotta go make some snowflakes! See Ya!

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