Meet the Dolls

Jessica - Hi! I'm Jessica! My favorite things to do are style my hair, play tennis, and I loooooove having sleepovers! I have blond hair, blue eyes, and I am thinking about getting my ears pierced. I also enjoy doing stunts and dancing. Sometimes, people think I am crazy for being an extreme stunts girl, but I love just moving around! When it comes to fashion, I like being comfty and colorful!

Chrissa - Hi! I'm Chrissa. I love playing sports outside. My favorite sport is swimming, but I also enjoy things like hopscotch and jump rope! But, I'm really bad at hula hooping! Let's just say that I'm an outside girl! I have a pet Llama, and I love to play with her! I love to brainstorm and my friends say I'm creative.

Julie - Hi! I'm Julie! Friends say that I am creative, spunky, and a lot of fun! I like playing basketball, and making bracelets. My favorite animal is the bald eagle, and I am always working to help protect our environment. I love making new friends and playing with them!

Rebecca - Hi! I'm Rebecca! I am jewish, and I looove the movies! I dream of being a movie star one day. My friends say that I am a straight listener, and pay attention to my teacher well. I like playing dressup, and of course playing outside!

Molly - Hi! I'm Molly, and I'm known for being smart, and I'm afraid for being a leader. I can sometimes be stubborn when I'm forced to do something I don't want to, but I love playing with my friends! 

Felicety - Hi I'm Felicety! My passion is for wildlife. I love to explore the wilderness, and I love to ride horses! I enjoy riding my favorite horse Penny! I also enjoy the holidays, because they fill me with the warmth and having friends and family join together to sing carols!

Marisol - Hi, I'm Marisol! I am fashionable and can give good advice on clothes and hair. I don't like getting messy. Everything needs to be neat and clean! Springtime is my favorite season because everything is so calm and peaceful. It seems as if Earth is reborn! I am a stylist at the Snazz Salon.

Kirsten - Hi, I'm Kirsten. I love to hang out with my friends. I love the feeling of a cool sea breeze and my feet sinking into the warm sand. My favorite time is just when I get to read, hang out with my friends, and play games. I also like to knit. My favorite color is Sky blue, and my favorite animals are kittens. I also love apple pie! 
Nikki - Hi! I'm Nikki! I love the outdoors, and interacting with animals. I love playing with my dog. my favorite color is green, and I like horses and dogs.  I am all about recycling and going green!

Samantha - Hi! I'm Samantha! I'm a fun girl who likes to giggle and hang out with friends. I love to play tennis with Kit, Jessica, and Molly. Most people know me for my love of hot chocolate, and for playing truth or dare. 

Carely - Hi, I'm Carely. I love to hang out with friends, but my biggest passion is cooking. Me and my fellow chefs Kaya and Kit love to prepare tasty, scrumptious meals for customers at the AG Gossip Cafe! Even though Kit is a good cook, I'm still kept busy with her riddles and rhymes! 

Angela - Hi! I'm Angela. I like to play dress up. I'm also a big fan of eating at the AG Gossip Cafe. every day, me and Molly meet each other there for lunch. Spring is my favorite season. Sometimes Kit will joke around about me being an explorer of the new spring! But I enjoy being athletic, and it is fun once in a while to play a game of soccer with Carely. 

Kaya - Hi, I'm Kaya! my favorite thing to do is play around with my wolf dog Talto. I also enjoy a good sniff at the flowers during spring. My favorite food is cooked salmon with blueberries and horseradish. As a matter of fact, I like to cook with my chefs Kit, and Carely! I am a sweet girl, and I love to make friends and play!

Josefina - Hi! I'm Josefina. I love to take care of my baby goat named Sombrita. I am also very proud of my mexican heritage. One of my favorite dishes is the homemade mash potato delight at the AG Gossip Cafe. I love mother nature, and I pay close attention to the wildlife and nature around me. I enjoy playing with my friends. 

Kit - Hi, I'm Kit! If I had to describe myself from what people say, they'd say that I am clumsy, silly, and very funny! If there's one thing I know how to do, it's make people laugh! I am also very creative and clever when it comes to games. I love to play games and tricks on my friends, but I really am a great friend to have!