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Here is our applying for awards page. As you can see, there are two awards available for you during this month. During this month you can email us at or post a comment to apply for these awards. You can specify a specific one, or just say any one, but keep in mind that if you apply for one award, you could still possibly get another one. At the end of the month, we review all of the applications and pick one site for each award. If you don't get the award, or you want to apply again for a different one, you can apply every month if you wish. We will switch out the awards each month but sometimes you'll see the same one up here again. Just remember that if you are reapplying, you may have a smaller chance of getting an award, because we like to spread our awards out. So have fun and good luck!

Here are the Rules for applying for Awards

1. All applying sites must be family friendly
2. You need to have a site to put your award on if you wish to apply
3. We would greatly appreciate it if you linked the award back to our site (or put the link next to the awards)
4. We are not trying to choose favorites, if you don't get the award this time then try again
5. Good luck and have fun!

Include the following information:
Site Name
Email Adress
Site Url
Award you are applying for
Your First Name or Doll's Name

Email applications to
post a comment below including your application information.

*All comments related to applying will be deleted at the end of the month*
July Awards:


  1. the life of my american girl dolls

  2. I LOVE Your site!it is soooooo creative and fun! an award from U would mean a LOT 2 me!
    Blog Name: The Official site for AG Fanatics
    site address:
    name:Margarette M
    i would like either award

  3. Hi I am Katie, I think your blog is awesome my favorite thing is the AG gossip cafe. I would really like the second award because it is very cute and it has Marisol on it and I love Marisol because she is sooooo much like me. My blog is is my link it is really called McKenna girl of the year) , my email is , and my doll's name(the one my blog is about) is McKenna.

  4. Hi! :) I love your blog!
    Blog name: Rosalyn's Blog
    Site address:
    Name: Jess
    I would like award #2. Thanks! :)