AG Gossip Cafe

Is your stomach growling? Well, you're at the right place! Welcome to the AG Gossip Cafe! The best place to go for a fancy meal, or just a simple bite. Our food is so good here, that we have a lot of regular customers. Kaya is a waitress, working hard to satisfy all the picky customers orders. Marisol provides regular entertainment by singing her famous opera ABCs. And all of that mixed together can create a lot of hilarious fun! May I take your order?

May I Take Your Order?
Kaya - Welcome to the AG Gossip cafe! I am your waiter.
Kirsten -  Stop fooling around Kaya!
Kaya-Well,I am your waiter !What will it be today Kirsten?
Kirsten-I'd Like a homemade waffle with rosemarry jam.
Kaya-I'm Sorry,we are all out of Rosemarry jam,Sammantha ate it all.
Samantha-I heard that Kaya,I love Rosemarry jam.Plus I was hungry!
Kirsten-Well then I'll just order some bananas,strawberries and blueberries
in replace of the Rosemarry jam Samantha ate.
Kaya - It will be out in 'bout 10 minutes. While your waiting, Marisol will provide entertainment. 
Samantha - Not again! We've heard Marisol's opera ABC's millions of times.
Kaya - Well that's too bad, because y'all come here so often!
Marisol - A B C D etc..........
Kaya - Enjoy!