Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our Best Halloween Ever! (By: Josefina)

Hi, it's me Josefina! We just came back from a long night of trick or treating, and all of us agreed that it was the best halloween Ever! When we got home though, kit made a frowny face. She was not happy that trick or treating was over! It really was the greatest. One house gave us two Hersheys MegaBars Each! Kit smile was bigger than both of her choclate bars combined! Another house gave out tootsie pops, and Samantha sucked on it soooooooo hard, it attatched to her cheeks! (Although, at the sight of the tootsie pops, Kit frowned, for it was the only kind of candy that she doesn't like!) When Kit got to our our neighbor's house, she chanted the rhyme: Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet, Give Me Something good to eat! She actually forced Mrs. Greens to smell her feet! Crazy Kit! Well... Speaking of Tricks, the prankster boy Johnny Rickheada opened the door, and screamed so loud, we dropped all our candy! (Thankfully, they were all in wrappers, so we just had to pick them up!) And when we got home, we were still shaking from the fright. well... needless to say, we all had an excellent Halloween!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween is Tommorow! (By Samantha)

Hi. It's me, Samantha! I can't wait for Halloween! Kit though, will blow her top if Halloween doesn't come soon. She needs to learn to be patient... Today, me and my friends got into our costumes for a pre-halloween party. We all can't wait for trick or treating, getting in costume, feeling the chilly fall air, and of course (Kit's favorite) getting candy! We went outside a lot, and took some spooky photos. Here's some for you to see:

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kit's Halloween Disaster (By Kirsten)

Hi, It's Nikki. All of us dolls are soooooooo excited about Halloween coming up! We're all trying to decide what we want to be. Molly's going to be a movie star, and I'm going to be a pony. Kirsten's going to be an astronaut, and Samantha's going to be a television. Angela decided to be a banana! But we were all shocked when Kit announced her costume. She is going to be Santa Claus! How crazy! Why, of all the costumes in the world does she decide on being a Christmas guy. Well that's what we all told her. And I admit we all might have been a little rough on her, because then she burst into her room sobbing, "Nobody likes my costume." A couple minutes later, Kit came out with a smile on her face. "You guys gave me an idea!" she said. My costume is going to be a Halloween Disaster! She was wearing the santa top, and a ghost hat. Kit had a fake bat and a spiderweb clipped to her shoulder. We all chuckled. It was a good, and original costume. Kit really is a Halloween disaster. We all can't wait until Halloween!