Snazz Salon

You walk down Fashion Avenue. All eyes are on you. You feel famous. You feel Snazzy. 
Welcome to the Snazz Salon!

From a simple braid to a curly curl due,AG gossip's snazz salon is for you! A while ago, we put Kit in curlers. That Snazzy style was done by us.When Kit walked into our salon she was quoted saying,"I want to try something different,not the usual spiff up I always do.Give me curls beyond belief!"
Do You Want to look Snazzy? Well, you're at the right place... Welcome to the Snazz Salon!


The Floral Flip By Emma, January Hairstyling Contest Winner

  1.  Put doll's hair in a low pony tail. 
(Leave two hairs in the front that are thick enough to braid)

2. Braid the two hairs. (Tie off with an elastic) 

3. Tie the two braids together with another elastic. 

4. Get a fancy pony tail holder that has a
flower attached to it.

5. Use the flower pony tail holder and tie it over the elastic.

6.  Use a clip and clip the end of the two braids that are tied 
together to the back of the doll's head.


The FenoDu
Nothing means cool more than the 
FenoDu! Turn your doll into a top model.

1. Select an appropriate doll with straight long hair.
2. Lightly mist your doll's hair and brush through 

   all the tangles.
3. Style the doll's hair in two high pigtails.
4. Holding both pigtails, cris cross them, and 

   flip them up.
5. Use a hair tie to keep the pigtails in place.

The Lia'Pomx
Great for keeping your head warm and for walking in snow, the 
Lia'Pomx is also considered one of the coolest wig styles of the year!

1. Using a fringed blanket, wrap it around your doll's head with the 
   fringed sides by her shoulders
2. Using a medium sized hair tye, wrap it around the fringed blanket 

   to keep it in place.

Simple Rosebud 
Perfect for a party or getting side hair out of your face, the simple
 rosebud is easy, and fun!
1. Choose a doll with curly hair, or use doll friendly curlers to curl hair!
2. Take a regular sized bobby pin and insert it as shown in the picture.

The Braid Raid

A fun way to improvise with your braids, the braid raid is great 
for an old fashioned breakdown!

1. Braid your doll's hair into two long braids.
2. Attatch a bobby pin to the bottom of each braid, then pin it up to 

the top of the head as shown in the picture.

The Loose Ponies
 Simple and fun, the loose ponies will keep hair out of your face while being


1. Select a doll with long or medium length hair.
2. Separate doll's hair into two even sections.
3. Tie each section up with a hairtie, creating fabulous pigtails for your

 doll's hair.