Cooking With Carely

 I'm Carely, your chef for the evening. Along with my helpers, Kaya and Kit, we will cook you up a tasty treat for supper.

Can You Guess What We're

Our favorite treat: Mashed Potatoes!

Kaya, grab the sour cream, Idaho Potatoes, butter, a big pot to cook the potatoes in, potato peelers, and mixing spoons.
Now remember to wash your hands before cooking.

Kit, don't start yet because you havn't washed your potatoes! There, that's better. Sorry about that folks. Kit, now listen carefully and follow my instructions. I know your eyes can wander off! Carefully use the potato peeler, and brush it in a straight line across the potato. You may need an adult to help because the peeler ends are sharp. Kit, why are you leaving potato scraps all over the floor? Be sure to scrape over a garbage can!

Kaya, get a medium sized pot and fill it up halfway with water. Now place it on a stovetop burner and turn the heat on high. Be careful not to burn yourself because the pot starts to get hot when you turn the heat on!   
Now Kaya, you be my helper. We're doing the hardest part: The Mashing. Now Kit, don't talk back to me! You've done enough already! After the potatoes are cooked, take them out of the pot, and put them in a bowl so you can mash them. When they are cooked, they're softer and easier to mash than uncooked potatoes. Use your mashing tool to mash, mash, mash! If you don't own a mashing tool like the one we're using, it might be easier for you to use a mixing machine. Make sure to add butter!

After you add your butter, add your sour cream! Make sure it's not too sour! Hahaha!

Okay Kit! You and Kaya can help me this time! You may be a little clumsy Kit, but you're a good cook. Now's the time to take out your mixing spoons! You may want to ask your fellow chefs to help, because mixing what's mashed is hard work! If you're a lazy bun, you can use a mixing machine.

 Enjoy! I hope you had fun cooking mashed potatoes with Carely!