Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Homework! (By: Molly)

School has just begun, but Mrs. Johnson has already assigned heaps of homework! My desk is buried in piles of textbooks, papers, and other various items. Yesterday, I reached for my eraser but found that instead, I had picked up an old, half-eaten sandwich! Yuck! Marisol keeps pestering me, telling me that I am making our room a pigsty. Obviously, she hasn't visited Kit's room lately...I don't know how everyone else has free time. When I'm not doing homework, I try to organize my desk. Actually, I think it's more like a gigantic waste heap! Okay, here is today's list of homework:

1. Language Arts- Write a 10,000 word essay on the history of the exclamation point.
2. Math- Create an edible model of pi.
3.Reading- Finish book report on the first 50 pages of the dictionary; including a summary, the plot, setting, main characters, and their motives.
4. History- Rewrite the Declaration of Independence in your own words.
5. Gym- Help Kirsten get in shape for our fitness test in gym: The 2 Yard Marathon.
6. Science- Choreograph an interpretive dance about food going through the digestive system, and be ready to perform it for the class tomorrow.

If you think that's a lot, you should have seen last night's list of homework! Sorry, I would've made this post longer, but that dance isn't going to choreograph itself!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Back to School! (By Julie)

Hey! It's Julie! How do you like the back to school pics? Don't recognize a few dolls? That's because we met tons of new friends today! Let me tell you all about those pictures and all about our day. Our new Teacher, Mrs. Johnson runs a tight ship. Kit was caught passing notes to Jimmy, and when the teacher read the note aloud: 

Dear Jimmy, meet me at the lake after school and bring your prank book!, Kit's face turned strawberry red! She lets us stay after school to finish our homework. In math, we were assigned a measuring project to measure the height of our partner. Rebecca met a new friend in the process! In art class, we all drew pictures, and the teacher hung them up on a big clothesline. People drew some really crazy things!

Kit drew a man eating spaghetti and meatballs.
Josefina tried to think of a cultural food, but all she could think of drawing was sushi!
Marisol tried drawing the fall, but it turned out looking more like spring.
Felicety drew a picture of her horse in a baby bonnet
Molly drew the president of the United States blowing his nose
Carely drew an overcooked cassarole. 

That was pretty fun! With school starting and all, I'm sure we'll have some more fun experiences going on! But to sum it up, the first day of school was great!

Check back for chat with the dolls times coming up soon, and an exciting new contest opportunity!