Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Homework! (By: Molly)

School has just begun, but Mrs. Johnson has already assigned heaps of homework! My desk is buried in piles of textbooks, papers, and other various items. Yesterday, I reached for my eraser but found that instead, I had picked up an old, half-eaten sandwich! Yuck! Marisol keeps pestering me, telling me that I am making our room a pigsty. Obviously, she hasn't visited Kit's room lately...I don't know how everyone else has free time. When I'm not doing homework, I try to organize my desk. Actually, I think it's more like a gigantic waste heap! Okay, here is today's list of homework:

1. Language Arts- Write a 10,000 word essay on the history of the exclamation point.
2. Math- Create an edible model of pi.
3.Reading- Finish book report on the first 50 pages of the dictionary; including a summary, the plot, setting, main characters, and their motives.
4. History- Rewrite the Declaration of Independence in your own words.
5. Gym- Help Kirsten get in shape for our fitness test in gym: The 2 Yard Marathon.
6. Science- Choreograph an interpretive dance about food going through the digestive system, and be ready to perform it for the class tomorrow.

If you think that's a lot, you should have seen last night's list of homework! Sorry, I would've made this post longer, but that dance isn't going to choreograph itself!

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