Sunday, December 20, 2009

5 Days! (By Josefina)

Guess what!!!! Christmas in only in 5 days!!! I'm sooooo excited about all of the excitement it will bring! Well things are pretty funny around the house. Kit of course, is a must see. Kit is writing her tenth wish list as I speak. She says she just keeps forgetting to put things on. (But of course I don't believe that!!!) Carely is busy making cookies, and Kaya is making hot chocklate. They would have liked to have a helper, but of course Kit was too busy doing something!!!! Marisol is having a snowball fight with Samantha, and of course after she's done with her millionth wish list she will join. Felicety is wrapping presents, and she's had to move rooms twice because of a hidden spy-cam found! (We all know Kit can't wait!) Angela and I are busy taking down Kit's spy-cams, which are in every single room. Whenever she sees us remove one, she always yells "Aw... Man!" and continues to write. Well, I have to go now, because Molly has just came in the house with our decorations for Christmas, and It's my job to get everyone together so we can decorate. Bye!

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