Sunday, August 2, 2009

Starting All over Again (By Marisol)

Hi, I'm Marisol. I work for the AG Gossip Snazz Salon. I also work for the AG Gossip cafe. Sometimes I help with photo shoots for AG Gossip behind the scenes. I'm a pretty buisy girl, but I still find time for fun summer activities. Today, I'm going to tell you about my life as a hairdresser. First, I wake up, get ready, and head on over to the Snazz Salon. When I got there, Felicety and Nikki were waiting there for me. Felicety defenitely thought it was time for a change, but Nikki just wanted a touchup. Nothing much. First, I sat them down in comfortable seats, gave them some of their favorite magazines, and served them some coffee, and cinnamon buns. Next, I washed off Nikki's hair, and waited for it to curl up again. While I waited, I put Felicety's hair up in pin curls, something that Felicety wanted to try after seeing Kit! I decided to then blowdry Nikki's hair. I then gave her a cutesy barette, and off she went to have breakfast at the AG Gossip cafe. Too bad I wasn't there to entertain her! I still had Felicety's hair to finish. I took out the pincurls, and Felicety didn't know what to think! And then two more customers walked in. I do not want to start all over again!

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