Saturday, October 23, 2010

Felicity's Big Break (by Nicki)

As many of you may know, I love to ride horses. The other day, I was riding Kirsten's horse, Blackie, with Felicity. She was riding her horse, Penny. Felicity challenged me to a race. We agreed on a distant tree to serve as our finish line. Felicity slowly announced, "On your mark........get set-GO!" Oh Felicity! She finished her sentence so quickly, that I wasn't ready. By the time I started, Penny already had a large lead. I focused on the finish line getting closer and closer. All of a sudden, I heard a scream and a loud thud. I pulled on the reigns and brought Blackie to an abrupt stop. Felicity was on the ground and Penny was galloping away towards the stables. I could tell Felicity was in pain. In a few minutes, Felicity was rushed to the hospital. I started to ride back to the stables to check on Penny, when something caught my eye. I dismounted Blackie to get a closer look. I saw one of Penny's hoof prints in the sand. When I looked again I saw that it was actually in a ant pile with loads of fire ants scurrying around! Penny must have got bit by fire ants and threw Felicity off of her back during the race! I went back to the stables to make sure Penny was okay. After what seemed liked years of worrying, Felicity returned. I visited her in her room. She was sitting up in bed with one foot propped up on a pillow with a purple cast on it.  She energetically told me that she had broken her leg and then showed me her x-ray. I was the first one to sign her cast! I visited her everyday, sometimes with flowers or other small gifts. Her bedside table soon began to fill with get-well cards, gifts and goodies. Kaya even baked her special peanut butter cookies. Felicity loves to tell us the story about her fall and trip to the hospital. She is so excited about getting to use crutches! Even though she is stuck with a cast, crutches, and a broken leg, Felicity is still happy as ever! Felicity already told me the first thing she's gonna do when she gets her cast off. "Get ready to be beat,cause we're gonna finish that race!"


  1. That's such a cool post! I hope Felicity is feeling okay! And good job, Niki! You did the right thing! I love your blog! Hannah:)

  2. Poor Felicity .. get better quickly for that race .. good job Nicki on helping her .. take care and let us know how the race goes later .. no more broken bones ..

    Ta Ta,