Friday, October 29, 2010

An AG Gossip Halloween! (by Angela)

Halloween is getting closer and closer, and all of us here at AG Gossip are getting ready. We all have special jobs to get ready for this sweet and spooky holiday. Kit, Samantha, and Julie are the house decorating committee. They are going to jazz up the outside of the house to make sure we get lots of visits from trick-or-treaters! Kit has already pulled out her recipe for fake blood, and wants to have the scariest block on the house. On the other hand, Samantha wants to have happy jack-o-lanterns and friendly ghosts. I'm sure Julie will figure out some sort of compromise! Carely, Kaya, and Kirsten are in charge of making and purchasing treats and goodies. Carely is baking sugar cookies and frosting them to look like pumpkins, witch hats and, candy corn. Kirsten is being crafty and making adorable lollipop ghosts. And Kaya is buying truck loads of candy for hungry trick-or-treaters. Hopefully, we'll still have candy left by Halloween! Molly and Kit are turning bags of candy into piles of wrappers faster than you can say "jack-o-lantern"! Speaking of jack-o-lanterns, Jessica and Chrissa are busy carving pumpkins. They are certainly very messy and covered in pumpkin guts! Ewww! And what would Halloween be without costumes? Rebecca and Marisol are sewing many of our costumes for trick-or-treating. They have their hands full measuring us, snipping fabric, and sewing, sewing, sewing! Josefina, Nicki, Molly, and Felicity are planning a Spooktacular Halloween Party. They are busy planning all of the games, decorations, snacks, and are sending out invitations. Molly is complaining that her tongue is numb from licking so many envelopes. I am photographing the activities and supervising the whole operation. We're making sure that this Halloween is going to be fabulous! Uh oh, Josefina just found one of Kit's rubber spiders in her hair! Gotta go! Bye!

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