Sunday, November 7, 2010

Looking Back On Halloween (by Kirsten)

Kirsten here! We had an amazing Halloween at AG Gossip! The festivities started around noon, when the party committee had finished preparing for the Spooktacular Halloween Party. Everyone put on their Halloween costumes and made last-minute touches to perfect their look. Proudly, Felicity ushered us into the living room. We were all surprised at how great the room looked! Josefina and Molly had spent a long time hanging orange streamers and making posters. Nicki had set up the beautiful and delicious goodies on the snack table. Felicity hosted all of the games; like pin the mouth on the pumpkin and bobbing for apples. She even made a special Halloween play list of spooky tunes to set the mood for the party, and for playing musical chairs! The party was a blast!

Soon, it was time to go trick-or-treating. Thanks to our decorating team, our house looked magnificent! It was strung with orange lights, and had rows of jack-o-lanterns to greet the trick-or-treaters as they walked up the driveway. We even had a giant fake spiderweb above the door complete with a huge, life-like spider! According to Kaya and Samantha, tons of happy trick-or-treaters visited our house and we ran out of candy quickly. Luckily, they found Kit's emergency supply of chocolate bars!

It was a long, exciting night for all of us who went trick-or-treating. We all stayed together while going from house to house. Rebecca liked to chat with all of our neighbors after they gave her candy. Although this was very sweet of her, it became a bit tiresome. Jessica and Julie had to pull Kit back whenever she tried to run ahead. After a long night, our feet started hurting and our bags started to get very heavy, so we headed back home. We all dumped our bags of candy on the ground, to trade and sort through it. We were surrounded in a sea of candy! We gave some candy to Kaya and Samantha, since they didn't trick-or-treat. Everyone got out of their costumes and into their pajamas, and stuffed themselves with candy! We all ended up regretting that. We reluctantly brushed our teeth and plopped into bed with upset tummies. All in all, we had a fabulous Halloween!

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  1. Very funny and a GREAT post!!! I LOVE your doll's costumes my fave was Kirsten's present costume & Niki's Pea Cock costume!

    ~ Caelen