Monday, November 22, 2010

Cantastic! (by Samantha)

A few days ago, all of the AG Gossip dolls were together talking about the menu for our magnificent Thanksgiving feast, and debating the amount of vegetables we'd have. I wasn't quite as enthusiastic as my friends, for I was feeling rather glum. "What's wrong Samantha?" Josefina asked. I explained that I felt bad for the less fortunate people who didn't have as much to be thankful for. Then, Carely had an idea. "Let's have a canned food drive!" she exclaimed. Everyone agreed that it was a great idea. Jessica was the only one who had any objection. "We should make it a competition!" Once again, we all loved the idea. We divided ourselves into two teams alphabetically. Team 1 is Angela, Carely, Chrissa, Felicity, Jessica, Josefina, and Julie. Team 2 is Kaya, Kirsten, Kit, Marisol, Molly, Nicki, Rebecca, and me. The rules are simple, the team that collects the most cans and other food items will be the winners. The losing team will have to clean up the kitchen after Thanksgiving. We all know that this is a big task, that requires lots of hard work! Of course, things haven't been that simple! Members from each team are asking classmates, friends, and neighbors to donate cans to their team. News about our canned food drive is slowly spreading throughout our whole community. Some of us are taking the competition a little too seriously. One day, Kit sent Molly to spy on the other team! Another day, cans mysteriously started disappearing from our team's pile! Hopefully, everyone will start playing fair again! Even though we all may be a bit competitive, we never forget that we all are working to help others. We want more families to get good Thanksgiving meals. Hey, our contest isn't over yet! You can help increase one of the team's score by commenting "Team 1" or "Team 2" on the chat box or on this post. Be sure about the team you vote for because you can only do it once! We will announce the winning team on our next post. We hope we'll collect lots of cans and get lots of comments from you too!


  1. I Love Your Post Samantha! I can't wait for Thanksgiving to come!


  2. I was wondering, Marisol in the picture, has a boot on her foot/leg. Did she get hurt or did you just put it there to make the picture better?

    :>) :) :D EMMA!!!

  3. Well, actually that is Felicity. If you go to the post "Felicity's Big Break" you will read all about it.

    -AG Gossip

  4. cool? cool? cool? cool?