Saturday, January 9, 2010

Meeting the Movers! (By Angela)

Guess what? Today we met the movers, because their moving truck finally pulled away, and we figured it was okay now to visit. So Carely baked one of her famous cassoroles, and we all headed over. Kit pushed by everyone and rapped on the door. Expecting to see a woman at the door, or an elderly couple, we were in fact all surprised to see a girl who looked about our age. There was an akward pause of silence, and then Kit spoke. "Hi, I'm Kit. What's your name." The girl replied, "I'm Jessica." Then we talked for a bit about stuff, and it turns out we liked some of the same things. Roller skating, bicicling, swimming, and just playing! Soon, Jessica and all of us were just talking as if we've known each other for forever! Then, she blurted out, "Do you want to meet my sisters?" At the mention of sisters, three girls appeared at the door who all looked about our age as well. Jessica didn't look anything like her sisters. She had blond, wavy hair. Another one of her sisters also had blond hair, but it was very straight. The other girls introduced themselves as Rebecca, Julie, and Chrissa. Julie was the one with the straight blond hair, and Rebecca had curly, brown hair. Chrissa had short, brown hair. Soon, we were all getting along like sisters! Then, I suggested that they come over to our house. After quickly telling their parents, we all ran to next door! Molly gave a tour of the house, and everyone was giggling like crazy! Then, we came to our computer room, and we were delighted to show them our blog! They liked it so much, that they asked if they become part of AG Gossip. Of course, we all responded YES! They had a few ideas for the site, and we realized that we needed to fit our new friends into the logo. We tried and tried, but we couldn't fit everyone in. So, Chrissa had an idea for a newer, and more improved logo. We posted the new one right here for you to see. They also helped us change the site background for some more fun! So now, I'm going to hand it over to our new friends so they can tell a little bit about themselves!

New Logo!!!

Jessica - Hi! I'm Jessica! My favorite things to do are style my hair, play tennis, and I loooooove having sleepovers! I have blond hair, blue eyes, and I am thinking about getting my ears pierced. I also enjoy doing stunts and dancing. Sometimes, people think I am crazy for being an extreme stunts girl, but I love just moving around! When it comes to fashion, I like being comfty and colorful!

Chrissa - Hi! I'm Chrissa. I love playing sports outside. My favorite sport is swimming, but I also enjoy things like hopscotch and jump rope! But, I'm really bad at hula hooping! Let's just say that I'm an outside girl! I have a pet Llama, and I love to play with her! I love to brainstorm and my friends say I'm creative.

Julie - Hi! I'm Julie! Friends say that I am creative, spunky, and a lot of fun! I like playing basketball, and making bracelets. My favorite animal is the bald eagle, and I am always working to help protect our environment. I love making new friends and playing with them!

Rebecca - Hi! I'm Rebecca! I am jewish, and I looove the movies! I dream of being a movie star one day. My friends say that I am a straight listener, and pay attention to my teacher well. I like playing dressup, and of course playing outside!

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  1. We have JLY #27 too!!! But her name is Ashlynn and we also have Felicity!!! :) I love your new blog logo!!! Where did you make it???
    Lola Bean :)

  2. Hi The Life of Lola,
    I'm Chrissa. I like that you're a regular. We can chat on Friday the 15 at 4:00- 4:30 and on Saturday the 16 at 4:30- 5:00. I'm not posting as The Dolls 'cause it's just me. I always will. Keep enjoying our Blog!