Monday, January 25, 2010

No Food on the Bed! (By Julie)

Hey! This is Julie, and I am so happy to say that this is my first blog post! Wow are you and I lucky to have such good friends! So, I think I'm going to tell you about my first sleepover with my new friends. When I arrived at the door, everyone rushed to say hello to me and to welcome me. They had bumped Angela off her bed so I could sleep there, and I told her thank you, because that really was very kind! Angela said that it was her pleasure, and I didn't see why until Jessica entered the room with some pizza. Then everyone on the ground on their sleeping bags started munching on the pizza, and all of the sudden, I got kinda hungry. I reached for a piece, but then I heard Jessica's mom calling out in the distance, "No food on the bed!" Then I saw why. So the movie got put on, and I was going to go down, but then I realized that I didn't bring my sleeping bag with me, so I had to stay on the bed. I was well... Okay for that, but then when the chocolate bars and the candy apples were brought out, I couldn't resist. Wow. The bed was comfty, but I needed to eat some loot! So I went down on the ground without a sleeping bag, but didn't really care. Then, right before I fell asleep, Rebecca asked me why I didn't eat anything. I said that I heard there was no eating on the bed. Then she said oh, well she didn't mean that bed! Everyone laughed, and I felt so silly! But then I started laughing too, because it really was a fun and unusual experience!

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