Thursday, June 10, 2010

SUMMER IS HERE!!!!!!!!!! (By Jessica)

Heyyyy everyone!!! Sorry we haven't posted in a long time, but with school, and finals we've been kept very busy. But now, all that is over, and we get to chillax and have fun. And do you know what some of that fun is? Posting to our favorite fans! So we are going to try to post every week because it's summer and we all want to have fun! So, here's what's been going on this month. First of all, Angela threw Kit's art painting in the toilet by accident, and Kit was not happy at all. In fact, she was in such a bad mood, that she added salt instead of sugar to the cranberry pie that Carely had been working so hard on. It was quite a tang suprise, but we all thought it was funny! Don't worry, Kit and Angela got over it, and are now hanging out and pulling pranks like usual.

Speaking of Angela, every year she goes to the Snazz Salon to get a summer do'. But this time, she decided to snazz it up a little bit, and get it a little shorter! The moment she walked in the house with her new cut, we were all about to jump in the pool. Her haircut was so shocking to us, that we all jumped in at the same time out of shock! The first one to speak was Kaya. She said, "It looks so cute Angela!" And we all got out to see it. It was a cute cut with some layers. Soon, she joined us in the pool, and it even looked shorter when it got wet! What a fun first week of summer! I've been having such a blast! We hope you do too. Here are the before and after pics!

Hey why don't you tell us about what you're doing this summer? You can write a comment, or that brings us to our next point, CHAT WITH THE DOLLS!!!!!!!!

Chat With the Dolls Times!
If you are new to the site, I will remind you that chat with the dolls is a fun filled experience where if you come on to AG Gossip Doll Blog at the times listed below, you can have a live chat with all of the AG Gossip dolls! Remember to read and follow the AG Gossip chat box rules located in the right hand sidebar. We love being able to chat with our biggest fans! So make sure to show up at these times next week. And also remember that chat with the dolls is a guaranteed time to chat with us, but if you are lucky, you may catch one of us dolls on the chat box at any time! So write down the chat with the dolls times below, and we look foward to meeting our fans!

Chat With The Dolls Times:
Friday June 11, at 4:30 - 5:00 Eastern Time
Saturday June 12, at 3:30 - 4:00 Eastern Time

*If you live in a different time zone, ask your parents to help you figure out what these times would be in your time zone*

Show up to as many as you want! And remember to check back for more chat with the dolls times next week!

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  1. Angela's hair looks so good! Anyways during the summer we were relieved that school was done, we also went on a cruise, we also went to our grandparents house (it is so fun!), I went to my friend, Maddie's house, and much more. I LOVE THIS WEBSITE