Friday, December 24, 2010

Last Minute 'Till Christmas (by Molly)

Christmas is tomorrow! All of the dolls have been filling every last minute with Christmas preparations and holiday fun. One of the most common activities we have been doing is wrapping presents. We've all been taking turns wrapping gifts in the living room. It's a mess! The room is covered in tape, paper, bows, and ribbon! Kit rushes to the tree every time someone finishes wrapping a gift to see if it's for her. Angela has to make constant trips to the store, since we have been running out of supplies so fast. Wrapping gifts seems like such an easy task, but it is quite a challenge for me. No matter what I do, I always make a mistake. I consistently cut pieces of paper too big or too small for the present. One time the tape got stuck to my fingers and ended up sticking to everything! I should ask Josefina to give me some tips, she has mastered the art of wrapping. After wrapping gifts, I always go to the kitchen to relax. It is always filled with warm, delicious smells and holiday sweets. Today, Nicki was decorating a gingerbread house. I helped her ice the roof. She really worked hard to place each piece of candy to make sure it looked perfect. It would be such a shame to eat it! Luckily, Carely made gingerbread cookies for us to snack on. Within minutes the cookies were gone. "Oh no!" cried Carely, "We needed to leave some for Santa!" Oops! I guess I should go help make some cookies for Santa. Bye!

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