Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Snazzy Disaster (By Marisol)

 Hi everyone! Sorry about the lack of posts! So far, 2011 has been keeping us busy with a variety of activities. I hope you are all working on your hairdos for our contest. We are all really excited about it! Since hair has been on our minds a lot, the Snazz Salon is busier than ever!! Yesterday, I arrived  at the Snazz Salon early to get ready for the day. My schedule was filled with appointments. First, decided to finish preparing refreshments for my customers. I took out the some long pieces of freshly made bread and a bottle of honey. I spread the honey onto the bread and neatly rolled them into a spiral. They looked delicious! I resisted my urge to try one and washed the honey off my hands. It wasn't long until my first customer, Nicki, walked in at 10:00. She asked me to curl her hair to give it some extra bounce. I got right to washing her hair. Afterwards, I wrapped her head in a towel and sent her to the waiting room to let her hair dry. I had just got out the curlers when Chrissa walked in. It was only 10:20 so she was a bit early. She wanted more of a change, Chrissa asked for some blonde highlights. What a nice idea! I grabbed some foil and dye from the supply room and got Chrissa in the stylist chair. I began dyeing her hair and wrapping it in the foil. Ding! Then, Felicity walked through the door. It was 11:00.  I was running behind schedule! I quickly finished with Chrissa. Felicity requested a new style for her hair. Her hair felt dirty, so I hastily washed her hair. I blow dried her hair, but it was still a little damp so she went to the waiting room while I went back to working on Nicki. I found the curlers where I left them. I rolled each curl up in a curler. Nicki was telling me some very funny stories, so I had to re-roll some of the curls. it is hard to style hair when you're laughing! After I finished, Felicity's hair had dried. I wanted to make her hair extra shiny and soft. I grabbed a bottle of honey-scented conditioner and poured a glob on her head. It sure smelled good! I became confused as I worked the substance into her hair. It seemed very thick and sticky just like...HONEY! Oh no! I had accidentally, grabbed the honey from my honey rolls! I quickly got her to a sink to wash her hair again. The honey was so sticky, even with my best shampoo it was hard to get it all  out of her hair. After 10 minutes of scrubbing and rinsing, her hair was finally clean. Felicity put her hair up in a towel and sat down. Nicki's hair was about ready, so I began taking the curlers out. As I started to unroll the first curler, I frowned when the hair tangled itself around the curler. I decided to try another curler, but the hair was knotted around the curler. I tried curler after curler but no matter how much I unwound, untangled, and yanked no curler would budge. Her hair looked terrible! I calmly told Nicki that I was going to try again later. I took a deep breath and smiled as Chrissa sat down, ready to get her hair washed. I couldn't wait to see how great the highlights looked! I took the tinfoil out and washed her hair. She sat down in the chair and I excitedly grabbed a blow dryer and began drying her hair. The blonde was looking great so far! There was just one problem, there was a little TOO much blonde. I kept looking for a brown section of her hair, but couldn't find any! I turned the chair around so Chrissa and I could see the final look. "AHHHH!!!" we both screamed. Chrissa didn't have blonde highlights, her whole head was light, bleach blonde!
I was in tears, Chrissa was just plain shocked. "I'm so sorry, Chrissa!" I was so upset, I broke down crying. I couldn't do anything right! Somehow, I had to fix everything. That is a lot of work for one doll! Then I had an idea. "I need your help," I said to my customers. "How would you like to learn to style hair?" Nicki, Chrissa, and Felicity's faces all lit up as they nodded in agreement. With my help, everyone chose a friend to fix and style their hair. After a tons of dyeing, untangling, brushing, and styling we ended up with three very happy and snazzy customers! Somehow, everything worked out. That day we all walked out of the salon with great hair styles and a very crazy story to tell!


  1. Haha,poor Marisol! I am glad that everyone's hair turned out great though. :-)
    P.S.Can you please follow my blog?Thanks. :)

  2. Too funny! It gave me lots of laughs to see Chrissa with blonde hair! Leanna's right, though. The hair turned out fabulous! :)

    ~*Emma and her dolls*~