Sunday, May 29, 2011

Earth Day Birthday! (By Angela and Molly)

Hey, it's Angela! April 22 was Earth day. But it was also Molly's birthday! Molly just celebrated her big Eco-friendly Birthday Bash last weekend! Molly has been planning this party for months. So all of the AG Gossip dolls followed the instructions on our invitations made of 100% recycled material and met on the elaborately decorated back porch at noon. Everybody was there, except Molly! It didn't take long for us to get bored. At 12:10, Felicity suggested we play a game while we waited. "Hide and Seek!" Jessica shouted. The AG Gossip dolls are fierce competitors and cannot resist a good game of hide and seek. We all dispersed and hid. I dove under the cushions of the sofa and carefully concealed every strand of my blonde hair. I got nervous and anxious as time passed. Then I heard a soft whimper. I was curious, but thought this might be a trick to get me to reveal myself. I listened closely as the sobbing got closer and closer, then BAM! Someone sat on me. My scream joined another as I jumped up. I looked to see Molly, startled on the floor. We both burst out laughing. Slowly, the other dolls came out of hiding to see what happened. It turned out nobody had been seeking! So when Molly arrived, we were so well hidden that Molly thought she was all alone at her party. The day improved a lot from there. We made cute pillows out of old T-shirts, planted seeds in Julie's garden, and ate Carely's chocolate cravings cake.  We all had lots of fun. Happy Belated B-Day Molly!

Hi, it's Molly! I just had my birthday party last weekend!  Unfortunately, I couldn't celebrate on my real b-day because our schedule was filled with concerts, horse shows, and many other big events. On the day of the party, I had to do some last minute preparations. I went over to the AG Gossip cafe to pick up my birthday cake. I pre-ordered the Chocolate Cravings Cake, an original recipe by Carely. I also asked them to write "Happy B-Day Molly!" in green icing on the top. I got my cake, checked out, and began to make my way home. I glanced over at the cake to see how it looked. Uh-oh! On the top of the cake it said "Happy  Birthday to Billy!" Hmmmm... Billy? I had the wrong cake! I looked at my watch, 11:58. Oh no! My party was about to start in 2 minutes! I had to go all the way back to the AG Gossip cafe. Unfortunately, there weren't any more Chocolate Cravings cakes left. So I told them to just add my name next to "Billy". After that, I raced home and rushed through the door. "Sorry I'm late!" I exclaimed. I looked around for someone to answer me, but nobody was there. Where was everybody? The party was supposed to start 15 minutes ago! Did everyone leave me? I started to cry and sat down on the couch. "Ouch!" came a voice. I jumped up and screamed, so did the voice. Then I saw  Angela, peeking out from behind the couch cushions. We both started cracking up. "Angela, what are you doing under there?" I asked. "Well we were playing hide and seek...but I guess nobody was seeking!" she giggled. All of the other dolls came out eventually. Soon we were all on the floor, laughing together. The party was great after that! All of the activities were fun and went as planned. I got a really cool paper recycling kit that I had wanted, an Eco-friendly water bottle, and many other great gifts. The cake was delicious! Except for the wrong name...(which was a hilarious story to tell!) What a great birthday!

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  1. Emily says,
    my birthday is also april 22