Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Spa Day (by Marisol)

No More School!!! Today was the last day of school for us dolls. And boy are we glad! The last few days of school were full of studying, studying, and more studying! Our teacher gave us three tests in the last week of school! Instead of going outside to play on the last day of school, we all collapsed on the couch! Felicity was the only one who seemed to have any energy. Then suddenly, Felicity shooed us all out onto the porch. We were confused but we were too tired to move a muscle. Then an hour later she came back and let us back into the house. When we dragged ourselves back inside, we discovered that Felicity had transformed the living room into a relaxing spa. She had set up different forms of pampering for us to enjoy. There was a table for manicures, a spot on the couch for massages,and chairs for facials. She even had calming music playing quietly. We were pleasantly surprised and found enough energy to enjoy relaxation. Kit thought that the facials were a snack and started to dip cucumbers in it and eat it!!! Eww! Felicity had to go make more of the mixture. We had a nice time getting our nails painted in rainbow colors, giggling at how cold the facials were, and trying to keep cucumbers from falling off of our faces! It was such a nice surprise. Thank you Felicity! What a great way to start off the summer!

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