Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Day at the Art Museum! (by Julie)

Hey it's Julie! We have been spending a lot of time running around outside and playing this summer. A few days ago Josefina suggested we do something different. So we went to a local art museum! Okay...some of us weren't so excited about it. I mean how exciting can looking at paintings be? But we had an amazing time! It was so cool to see actual paintings, not just pictures. Our favorite part was a section that had recreations of really famous paintings. When we got home all we could talk about was what our favorite paintings were, how cool the sculptures were, and how shiny the floor was! The museum did have a particularly reflective tile floor! Then Marisol had a really good idea, we could recreate some of the works of art with ourselves! We rushed to find costumes and scenery to match the famous paintings. We had a really crazy time doing the photo session! So here is some of the artwork we saw, followed by our AG Gossip Recreations!

 Portrait de Jaime Sabartes en Grande Espagne by Pablo Picasso
Portrait de Kirsten en Grande Espagne

Girl With a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer      

Doll With a Pearl Earring

The Old Guitarist by Pablo Picasso
The Bold Guitarist
American Gothic by Grant Wood
AG Gothic



  2. Lol! That is soooo funny!:D This is a wonderful post! My sister said, "Did you see AG Gossip blog's new post?" and then she asked me if I followed,and I said, "Yes!" She told me you all did a really funny post! So, I checked it out,and it is really funny! I want to do that with just my siblings and I! Lol! Looks like u all had a great time! Great job!:D

  3. I love it that is so funny! I love the Portrait de Kirsten en Grande Espagne! LOL! :)