Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July! (by Samantha)

Hey, it's Samantha! The Fourth of July is a holiday that all of us AG Gossip dolls look forward to, not just because of the fireworks and food. We have multiple fun traditions we do every fourth of July! Yesterday, we started the day with a patriotic breakfast of pancakes with strawberries and blueberries. Breakfast was swallowed fast because everyone was so excited to start getting ready for the annual stars vs. stripes soccer match! Since Team Stripes lost last year, they have been practicing extra hard (especially Kit!) all summer long. The match was really exciting this year! Rebecca (who does commentary on the game) had to talk so frequently that sometimes she couldn't even finish her sentences! In the end, the score was really close. It was Angela who made an amazing kick at the end of the game from halfway across the field, leading the Stripes team to victory! Congratulations to the Stripes Team!!! After the game we all got dressed out of our soccer uniforms and into some very patriotic outfits of red, white, and blue! Molly had some trouble deciding what color ribbons to wear in her hair. "Red or blue?" she asked everyone. There was a tied vote so she wore both! Next we all gathered to put on the parade. When we got outside, nobody was waiting to watch like they usually do. Oh no! We had forgotten to tell the what time the parade would be! Then Felicity had an idea. She got on her bicycle and rode through the neighborhood ringing a bell. She shouted, "The parade is coming! The parade is coming!" It was a nice tribute to Paul Revere! Our neighbors all came outside with their lawn chairs and lemonade and were ready to see our famous annual parade. We had been planning this for a while now, and luckily it wasn't quite as cheesy as last year! Our neighbors loved the parade. One of our neighbor's dogs loved it so much that he joined the parade by chasing us down the street! We were all thankful when the dog was distracted by a squirrel! We ended the parade with a beautiful chorus of "America the Beautiful", well except for the harmonies on the last note... but I'm not even gonna go there. After the parade we all headed down to the park to see the fireworks show. Carely brought a picnic basket with hot dogs, potato salad and yummy apple pie- and she made it all herself! As the sun set, we anxiously waited for the fireworks to start. It was worth the wait; the fireworks were amazing! Nikki brought her camera and shot some equally amazing pictures of us watching the fireworks! What a great way to end a great fourth of July. Also, remember to log on tomorrow for Chat with the Dolls so you can talk to some of the AG Gossip dolls! Happy 4th everyone!

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