Thursday, July 14, 2011

Messes and Dresses! (by Marisol)

Hello everyone! It's Marisol! First, I'd like to thank the fans who came out to chat with the dolls! We all had a great time chatting with you! Summer has been going by too quickly, as usual. I have been spending a lot of time working at the Snazz Salon. One day, I was sorting my equipment when I accidentally spilled a bottle of blonde dye all over my new dress! I was pretty upset. After work, Jessica offered to go shopping with me, to look for a new dress. We went to the same store I got my old dress from but the dress was nowhere to be found. We looked around to see if there was a different dress that I liked. We couldn't believe how many ugly dresses there were! We spent a while laughing at how hideous some of the clothes were. Jessica giggled and said, "I bet that we could design better looking dresses than that!" That's when I got a terrific idea. I dragged her out of the store and rushed home. I grabbed a sewing machine and some fabric and locked myself in my room for the rest of the day. Then I peeked my head out of the room and grabbed the first girl that walked by. Nikki happened to be walking over to the kitchen (which is near my bedroom) to make a pb&j sandwich, so I pulled her into the room! Not too long after that I shooed people out of the living room. Finally at 7:00 pm I was ready to show everyone what I had been working on. The AG Gossip dolls emerged to find a runway in the middle of our living room! "Welcome to Luna Fashions, first ever fashion show!" I exclaimed as I walked down the runway. I had made a dress for myself to wear. It was my first attempt and although it looked good lying on my bed, it wasn't very flattering on! But, when Nikki strutted down the runway, the dolls gasped. I admit, I think her dress did look pretty fabulous! I can tell you that it is not the last dress that Luna Fashions is gonna make!

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