Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Another Fabulous Fashion Show! (By Molly)

Hi everyone, the summer's been going by so fast! We're waiting on our back to school lists to come in the mail so we can start our shopping. We're all hoping, (especially Kit) that we don't get the strictest teacher, Mrs. Tulip. Anyways, after seeing Marisol's amazing fashion show, we all wanted to show off some of our creations. So we decided we would have another fashion show! The only ones who were against the idea were Julie, Caroly, and Kaya, who had already started preparing for their picnic."But we have been preparing for this picnic all morning! Kaya and I even baked our fresh rosemary pie! But after some persuading, and a longing look to the rosemary pie, they reluctantly put down their picnic baskets and decided to compromise. They realized that doing a fashion show could be fun, but they would rather watch. When the three of them walked over to where the fashion show was being set up, only Chrissa and Jessica were the only ones helping to make the runway. After seeing that this was unfair, they decided to also come up with the rules. They consulted with each other for a few minutes, then called all the fashion designers and models into the room.

The Rules
1. Everyone must help decorate and make the runway
2. Everyone must also help clean up
3. There will be two teams, and everyone on each team will model an outfit.
4. You will be given 45 minutes after you make the runway to design and create your outfits!
5. No arguing. Have fun and be creative!

Julie, Caroly, and Kaya took this opportunity to finally go on their picnic while everyone was preparing. It was a beautiful day outside, great for a picnic!

While they were on their picnic, we were preparing for the fashion show. Decorating was fun, after all! Samantha found a couple of balloons left over from Kit's Baloony Birthday Bash, and then Josefina found an old helium pump in the attic. We took the runway from Marisol's fashion show, and covered it with a red blanket from Kirsten's bed for a new look. Then we found some old boxes in the garage and placed them on two night tables. Then we took the time to decorate it! Nikki decided to choose the teams by picking names out of a hat. We were very happy with our teams, so each team made a fun name, then we started the timer and began our designing!

Team Mint Chip

Team Fried Eggs and Bacon

The Rule Setters

Team fried eggs and bacon (My Team) had fun, but we made a big made a big mess getting our outfits together! We basically dumped all of the clothes from our dressers on the floor, and started making outfits out of random clothes. Kit found some funny accessories in the garage, but we weren't sure they would work in any of our outfits. Looking at some of the outfits we designed, it became clear we were going for a funny and outrageous theme. Finally, all of the outfits were made, and designed, but we forgot to finish Kit's! We quickly threw one of the old musty leather jackets kit found in the garage onto her dress. Time was up, and our team sat down in the audience to watch team mint chip's designs. I was excited to see what they had come up with. They went for a cute, clean, and classic theme. Julie, Caroly, and Kaya got back from their picnic and were ready to watch.

 Josefina was first to go down the runway, she had gone for a western theme, and I thought it was a really cute outfit.

Next came Kirsten, who was wearing a beautiful white dress made out of a sheet. It looked like it took a long time to make, and you could tell that Kirsten was proud of it. I had never known that Kirsten knew how to sew so well! After that was Jessica, who had put together a floral skirt, a neutral shirt, and a knitted sweater, with the pink hat she had finished crocheting a few months ago. We all thought it was sensible and cute, and Julie gave a little whistle, she really liked the outfit!  Following Jessica was Marisol, wearing a cute pastel yellow dress. Complimenting the dress was a daisy headband, and there was a belt on the dress with large, fresh cut flowers on it.

Rebecca soon came out, wearing a checkered black skirt, a white shirt, and a pink shawl. She had also added black mittens around her neck like a scarf, and shiny black shoes. We all clapped for the outfit, it really complimented Rebecca's curly brown hair. Ending team Mint Chip was Nikki. Nikki was wearing a blue polka dotted dress with a cashmere scarf and matching blue dress shoes. I wonder where she got those blue shoes, but they sure were darn adorable! Team mint chip received a standing ovation as they sat down, and I got more excited thinking about what our team had in store!

To start off Team bacon and eggs portion of the show, Felicity came out wearing Kit's old halloween costume, a fabulous hot dog suit! Bright red went perfectly with the golden bun, and the squiggly mustard running down the hot dog was a charming addition! She cheesily licked her lips, and the moment the audience started laughing hysterically, I couldn't help but let out a giggle!

Secondly, came Kit. She was dressed as a rollerblader who rides a motorcycle in a fancy dress, it was a masterpiece! The last minute addition to the costume really tied it off! Kit was proud that she added a helmet to her outfit, because it "showcased the importance of beauty and safety". It turned out great. Next off was me! I was dressed as a stylish circus clown diver! I found a bowtie from another one of kit's old halloween costumes, and Chrissa let me borrow her swimsuit. I was also wearing my old striped pants. It was great! We pulled some stuffing out of an old couch in the garage to make a fluffy clown mustache. Don't worry, we didn't forget a big red nose underneath a snorkel mask. When I walked out onto the runway, Kit dunked me with water, and I pretended to swim in the confetti that Felicity launched. I was glad we decided to make the outfit a clown and a diver, because they were both such good ideas, we couldn't just choose one! Those who were in the splash zone gave excited screams as they got dunked with the water!

Next came Angela. With a sound cue from Kit, we soon heard the sound of sirens. Nikki and Josefina covered their ears, and soon Angela came out! She was wearing a pink jumpsuit, (probably one of Kit's old pajamas), and a firefighters vest from my old firefighter halloween costume. It looked amazing, and it seemed that Angela was always meant to be a firefighter the moment I saw her in that outfit!

After that was Chrissa. She looked like a giant snowball in all the clothing she was wearing! She was wearing 6 pairs of pants, 14 socks on each foot, 4 belts, 7 outrageous hats, a few pairs of shades, and 15 t-shirts, along with two jackets. Although she was sweating enormously in that outfit, it looked pretty cool! We came up with this after she dived into the pile of clothing on the floor!

Lastly came Samantha, our grand finale! Each member of team Bacon and Eggs got to add one article of clothing to her outfit, a perfect collaboration! We also received a standing ovation, and soon we were all clapping, not just for our team, but for everyone who had participated today! It was soooo much fun! It was a good idea to have a time limit, because it helped us work towards a goal using teamwork and collaboration. Soon Julie, Caroly, and Kaya silenced everyone, because they had an announcement to make. Soon, I started wondering: Are they the  judges? Are they going to pick a winner? Is our team going to win? Is their team going to win? Is there going to be a winner? It seemed that Nikki was wondering this too. She asked out loud, "Are you the judges, and are you picking a winner? Julie laughed and said, "No, that would be silly! We can't pick a winner because all of your fashions were so special in their own way! Every one of your outfits is first place quality!" Caroly chimed in. "Some looked like an outfit I'd want to wear, while some were so goofy they made me smile!" said Kaya. We all congratulated each other on our outfits, and had a fun time cleaning up, and during the rest of the day! What a great fashion show we had :)