Monday, February 15, 2010

Julie Starts a Garden! (By Kaya)

Hey, it's me Kaya! First of all, I want to say that we're sorry for not posting in such a while. We just had our semester exams, and ugh all we did was study! Anyways, we had school off today because it was presidents day, and in the morning, we were all sitting around the table waiting for Carely's famous waffles to be done, and all of the sudden, we realized that we were out of grapes and orange juice. Kit gasped. What are Carely's famous waffles without any grapes and orange juice to go with it! Well, Julie jumped up because she had an idea. We all knew it was going to be crazy, and believe me, it was! She said that we have a big backyard, and we should look for some grape vines and oranges growing. So we all knew it was a crazy idea, but at that moment, we were just ready to do anything! So we all hopped out of our seats, and headed over to the garden. After looking for about ten minutes, Molly was the first to point out that we had no grape vines and orange groves in our backyard. Then everyone started laughing. I felt kind of bad for Julie, so I suggested that we all go to the store and get some. So that's what we did. And while we were there, Julie picked up some seeds too so we could start our own garden! Believe me, we all can't wait for our first orange to grow!

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