Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Awesome Spring Gymnastics Competition! *Chat With The Dolls Times* (By Angela)

Guess What? After a long, but fun winter spring has finally come back! We have all started making our valentines for our buddies and all, but my favorite part of spring is that my valentines competition is the first thing off for spring! Today was the best gymnastic competition I had in a while! For the first time EVER, after jumping off the vault mat, doing a flip, and cartwheeling, I finally landed with a perfect split! All of my friends cheered so loud, you could hear it from across the building! Everyone wanted to look at what the commotion was, when they saw that I, Me, had made a perfect split! I got the blue first place ribbon, for the first time and the smile on my face was as loud as big as the tallest building in the world! My name got put on the winners plaque on the wall, and then we all went out to ice cream! Wow. What a great way to begin Spring!

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2. Chat With The Dolls Times!
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  1. I'm glad your competition went well...gorgeous picture!

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