Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Scavenger Hunt! (By Carely)

So apparently Kit thinks it's fun to "misplace" a new spatula that I saved up for and bought with my own money! Not to mention the $50.00 mixer as well! You see, this morning I got up really early to surprise everyone with some fresh, homemade waffles. When I opened up the cabinet, all my new stuff was gone! I knew I didn't misplace it, but I knew someone who probably did! So, I knocked on Kit's door and she was wearing her pink pajamas, sleep mask, and boy did she have serious bed hair! Anyways, she giggled and said, "I admit that I did take the stuff! So I made you a scavenger hunt so you can find it!" She started giggling again, but in my eyes, this really was not funny. But I knew that I had to play with her silly rules, so I could get my stuff back. She told me to go to the big palm tree in the front yard, and look for something. As I was walking out of her room, I thought what a silly tiny "scavenger hunt" this really was. Just walking to that tree really is no big deal. But once I got there, I didn't see my spatula or my mixer. Just a note with a clue on it. I thought Oh no... How was I going to figure this out. It read:

Animal friends and baskets of fun, but also a room where work can be done. If you look here then you will find what you have right here in your mind. 

So, I don't really get Kit's clue. Is this some big joke!? Please help me figure out what room in our house she is telling me to go to. Leave a comment, tell us in the chat box, or email us at Please help me figure out this funny sounding clue!