Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Scavenger Hunt! Part 2 (By Carely)

Hey, thanks everyone for helping me figure out where Kit hid my spatula. I waited a couple of days to make sure I had in enough results, and I posted your feedback here.

Tanisha: i think its a basement
The computer room?
swissmiss♥lotti: A sewing room?

Ana: bedroom,and maybe yu should look in there and see if anything is diffrent

jonasfan12: hey Carely mayB it's in the laundry room..

Gabby: I think it's a bedroom. Animal friends= stuffed animals and work= homework.

 Thank you everyone for helping me try to figure out this clue! So, I first looked in the basement, and it was normal, then I looked behind the computer, and in other spots, and the computer room was checked off the list. We don't have a sewing room, but I decided to look among Kaya's sewing kit. There was no spatula there. And then I was down to the bedroom. I didn't want to have to search every single bedroom, so I groaned. Then I realized that the clue said, "Animal friends and baskets of fun" I thought about who it is that has stuffed animals in baskets, and then I realized that was Angela! She was all about her stuffed animals! I looked in the basket, expecting to see my spatula, but to my utter disappointment, I saw another slip of paper with a clue written on! It read

"I creak and moan and fly real high. I may sound unhappy, but I'm not, I never lie"

Oh no!!!! I can't believe you Kit!!!
Please help me find it again!