Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Scavenger Hunt! Part 3 (By Carely)

Hey, thanks everyone for helping me figure out where Kit hid my spatula. I waited a couple of days to make sure I had in enough results, and I posted your feedback here.

Happy Days: My guesses: 1.swing 2. Kite
C. : swingset beacause they can creak and moan and fly real high into the air

Elle: i :heart: the swigset idea, that's really creative!

Ana: not trying to copy you Gabby,but I'm think it's the attic too. :D but it could be the basement also

Mary Jane: I like the "attic" and "swing set" theories

Elle: It might be a basement?

Gabby: Definitely an attic- the creaking and moans would be caused by "ghosts". Like Ghosts in the Attics.

♥♥Iona♥♥  - BIRD!

swissmiss♥lotti - Oooh ooh what about a swing?

 Thank you everyone for helping me try to figure out this clue, again! So, I first looked in the attic, and it was really scary, and creaky, just like you all said. I took a quick glance everywhere and realized that it was not in the attic. I would think though, that clue fits the attic perfectly! I also went and checked the basement, which wasn't as scary! It was not there either. I was beginning to give up, until I saw some more advice you sent us. First, I checked Kaya's stuffed animal collection again for birds. She did have some cute birds, but none of them had a spatula on them. So, then I checked the garage to look at our kites, and again, nothing. Then, I went out to the swingset, because it creaks and moans, and I found something on it. 

Can you believe that it was not my spatula!?  It was just another one of those crazy clues!!! I think I need some more help here!! Here's what the clue read.

"By the turn of a page, I can travel through time. Forwards or backwards all the dates in line"

Kit!!!!!!!!!!! You sure know how to make me upset!
Please help me find it again!


  1. A time travel book... oh and i saw you follwoed two of my blogs but i have three would you follow the last one

  2. I think it might be a history book

  3. Also, can I do a scavenger hunt too? For my dolls? But different?