Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Scavenger Hunt! Part 4 (By Carely)

Hey, thanks everyone for helping me figure out where Kit hid my spatula. I waited a couple of days to make sure I had in enough results, and I posted your feedback here.

jonasfan12: I definitely think the clue is hidden in a history text book!
Chrissa: a calender
Elle: Either a textbook or a diary

Gabby: Maybe a history book? It would also be like a scrapbook because you can look through your history through picture.
 Ciata: I think it is a calendar!
Happy Days: BOOK! DUH! Maybe a social studies one. Ha anybody been doing a Revolutionary War study in Doll School?
Happy Days: A calandar works, too

all4dolls - Is it in a book? ~Mia and Eva

♥♥Iona♥♥ - A Planner? Or some kind of book?

Claire - A time travel book...

♥♥Iona♥♥ - I think it might be a history book

Doodledog - Is it in some kind of calendar?

Thank you everyone for helping me try to figure out this clue, again! We had some amazing feedback for this!  The first place I decided to look in was Julie's history textbook. I flipped through all the pages, and even though it was almost like a trip through time, Kit didn't hide any spatula there! The next request I got was a diary. It sounded very likely, but getting into Samantha's secret diary!? Now that was a problem. I knew where she hid the key, I've seen her put it inside a hole in her toothbrush before when nobody was looking. So, I pretended that I needed to go to the bathroom, then closed the door and got out the key. When she wasn't looking, I opened up her mattress, and got out her secret diary. Now, I've never done anything so naughty before! I opened up the diary, and gasped at what I saw!!!! No, it wasn't a spatula, or a clue. It was a note that was taped into the pages with hearts drawn all over it. 
It read, "Roses are red, Violets are blue, you're my sugar, and I love you! Signed, Johnny
Wow!!! I was laughing so hard that I fell off the bed!! Finally, I put up the diary, and I had to get out of the room before somebody found out what I was doing!! I walked into my room, and realized that my calendar was still on February. I turned the page, and then a clue fell out! I was hoping it would be a spatula, but well that's kit for you! 
Can you believe that it was not my spatula!?  It was just another one of those crazy clues!!! I think I need some more help here!! Here's what the clue read.

"Press a button or click for two, pictures and stories come out of the blue"

Kit!!!!!!!!!!! You sure know how to make me upset!
Please help me find it again!


  1. I think it's the computer! :D




    (lol it's chrissa)

  3. I definitely think it is in the computer, either literally ON the keys or typed into a Microsoft Office Word document. I mean, where else can you "press a button or click for two, pictures and stories come out of the blue"? So I place my guess for the COMPUTER.

  4. I think it's either a computer or a camera. The computer and the camera both have buttons. Maybe, for the computer, it', like Lizzy Bennet said, on the keys or in a word document, or, if it's in the computer, she may have either taken a picture of where she hid it or of a clue. I hope you find it!

  5. OH HELLO SAMANTHA!!!!!! :) :) :) I like you too!
    Love from the bottom of my heart,