Sunday, February 13, 2011

January Hair Styling Contest Winners (By Angela)

Hi everybody! It's Angela! We know you have been all waiting to hear the results of our January Hairstyling Contest. Well, after some very hard decisions, we came up with our winner. 

Congratulations, EMMA!
Emma's new do, The Floral Flip will become a new hairstyle at the snazz salon! To find the Snazz Salon page where the hairstlyes are, look at the links underneath our logo, and select the one that says Snazz Salon. We hope you enjoy this new hairstyle, and have fun creating your own fun hairstlyes for your dolls as well!  

The Floral Flip

1.  Put doll's hair in a low pony tail. (Leave two hairs in the front that are thick enough to braid)

2. Braid the two hairs. (Tie off with an elastic) 

3. Tie the two braids together with another elastic. 

4. Get a fancy pony tail holder that has a flower attached to it.

5. Use the flower pony tail holder and tie it over the elastic.

6.  Use a clip and clip the end of the two braids that are tied together to the back of the doll's head.

Enjoy!! We hope you enjoy the hairstyle as much as we did! In fact, we all ran over to the Snazz Salon to try it out! Here are some pictures of me and Marisol wearing our new Floral Flip!

Guess What? You can send in a photo of your doll wearing the Floral Flip, or any other Snazz Salon hairstyle to Your photo could be posted on the Snazz Salon's website!

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