Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year! (by Julie)

Gung Hay Fat Choy! That means "Happy New Year" in Chinese. All of us dolls here at AG Gossip have decided to learn more about this unique holiday. After researching, we discovered some ways how to celebrate Chinese New Year. People hang wishes written in Chinese on red paper in their homes, write spring couplets, have extravagant parades, and eat large feasts with their families. We all tried to wear a piece of red clothing because the color red is good luck. I didn't have anything red, so I wore pink instead! Hey, that rhymes! Speaking of rhymes, the first thing we did was writing couplets. Couplets are short poems. Here is mine. "Chinese New Year shed your light, bring forth a holiday that's joyful and bright" I was so proud of myself! But, I wasn't the only one who was proud of their poem! Kit up and read hers out loud, "Fortune cookies, so many to pick...I ate too many and now I am sick!" We all laughed. Our next activity was making banners. Chrissa got out some red construction paper and Jessica printed out some Chinese calligraphy and we made banners saying wishes like "happiness" or "friendship". Then we hung them up all over the house. We even found some Chinese lanterns to help brighten the walls! After transforming our house for Chinese New Year we were starved! Luckily, Felicity walked in carrying Chinese takeout for us. She said it was almost impossible to find a Chinese restaurant that was open on Chinese New Year! We had a delicious feast. Of course we had fortune cookies for dessert! Everyone was careful not to eat too many, after hearing Kit's lovely poem. This is what my fortune cookie said, "Take time to acknowledge the achievements of others, you will find satisfaction." Sounds like we need to post the results of our hair do contest. Don't worry, the results will be posted soon! We finished of the day by parading around the house, doing our best dragon dance! We wish you lots of good luck in the new year. Gung Hay Fat Choy!

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  1. Awesome! I just read "Happy New Year, Julie!" so I'm all hyped up about Chinese New Year and stuff. Awesome story!

    ~*Emma and her dolls*~