Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day Scramble (by Chrissa)

The fourteenth was the loveliest day of the year: Valentine's Day! A day to show all your loved ones how much you care. At school we have a valentine exchange. We all make each other valentines and then the teacher passes them out to the class. As soon as we got inside the classroom, we put our creativity to the test and colored, cut, glued, and designed unique cards for each of our classmates. I wrote a short poem inside each of my friends valentines. Then, we headed off to lunch and anxiously hinted about each other's cards. Samantha longed to get a valentine from her secret love, Johnny. She blushed when Carely told us about the poem in her diary she found on the scavenger hunt! We all scurried back to class as soon as lunch ended. When we entered the classroom we were delighted to find piles of colorful valentines on top of our desks. I picked a card off the top of the large stack and began to read it. The front had a picture of a lion holding a flower. On the inside it read, "I love you, and I'm not lion!" I laughed because it was so cheesy. It was from Julie. I wondered why she decided to put a lion on it she knows my favorite animal is a dolphin. I liked it anyway! Just then I heard Kit shriek from behind me. I turned around and saw her holding a pink, heart-shaped valentine with the letters "S+J" on the front. She read it to me. "Roses are red, Violets are blue, It was love at first sight, when I laid eyes on you." "How could My dear Jimmypoo not know how to spell my name? Kit starts with a K not an S! I thought he knew me better," cried Kit. I found this amusing because whenever Kit is around Jimmy all she does is try to impress him with her corniest knock-knock jokes! Not once has she told him her name! I went back to my desk and continued to look through my cards. A lot of people seemed to not know me very well. People complimented me on my great singing voice, my mad cooking skills, and my flowing blonde hair...none of which I think of myself as having. I was very confused on the way home and couldn't think about anything else for the rest of the day. Even at night I had a dream that I was being kissed by a giant lion... Ew! The next morning I woke up early because I heard a noise I the kitchen. I sleepily walked into the kitchen and found Samantha hastily making her lunch. I asked her why she was in such a hurry. She grabbed a valentine out of her pocket. It had a heart on it with "J+K" in the middle. It read "Meet me by the lake tomorrow morning for a Valentine surprise." Before I had time to ask her anything else, she snatched her lunchbox, backpack, and her valentine and skipped out the door. Fifteen minutes later the rest of the girls were ready to walk to school. We decided take a short cut that passed by an apple orchard, around the lake, and to our school. We were all laughing and talking when we heard a scream. We ran toward the sound and saw Samantha standing next to Jimmy. Kit gasped. Then I realized something. I rummaged through my backpack and grabbed the first card I saw. It was a card from Josefina that said, "To the girl with the beautiful, flowing blonde hair, I wish you the happiest of Valentine's Days." I read it out loud to everyone and they all laughed. I asked Josefina if this was the card she had made for me. "That was Jessica's card!" she exclaimed. "See," I said "Everyone's valentines got mixed up!" As soon as we got to school, we all inspected each others valentines and gave them to their rightful owners. When I read my real card I discovered that I ended up being complimented on my kind heart, generosity, and creativity. That's more like it! My lion card was exchanged for an adorable card with two dolphins that said, "To an amazing swimmer and very sweet doll-fin!" Kit and Samantha's valentines had also got swapped, and they were very pleased with their actual cards! In the end we  learned what had happened, Ms. Johnson told us that it is a good idea to put people's names on their cards! Oops! Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at AG Gossip!